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Globalher Software House is a custom software development and consulting company. Our services are not limited to outsourcing for software vendors and custom application development for ultimate customers. We also provide BP modelling and analysis, web sites/graphic design, quality and comprehensive testing for existing software solutions, full time software support for developed solutions, IT consulting and remote administration.

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800 West El Camino Real, Suite 180 Mountain View, California USA 94040

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Progress of IT Industry in Ukraine are being seen with unarmed eyes. Largest international companies moving development offices away from India and China and opens offices in Ukraine. With nowadays communication capabilities it is very easy to manage and control offshore development. Our intelectual power, experience, communication skills and competing pay rates make UKEESS Software House




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In an application development environment, true business value comes from managing development teams and processes efficiently, increasing productivity to meet project deadlines, and delivering high-quality software. Depending on different customer requirements and business goals our team constant improving and we can utilize variety of different development methodologies and processes to build efficient development and fit customer requirements.







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  • 800 West El Camino Real, Suite 180 Mountain View, California USA 94040           +1.8554003575           support@globalherbottech.com